Maintenance Guidelines

  1. keep the battery top clean & dry.
  2. Battery terminals should be kept clean & coated with a thin layer of petroleum jelly/Vaseline to protect them from corrosion. DO USE GREASE.
  3. If the electrolyte level falls below the lower level mark on the float vent plug, add proper distilled water only. NEVER ADD ACID to battery.
  4. Keep battery vent plugs clean & tight.
  5. Ensure that the operating specific gravity of acid in the battery is between 1200 - 1220.
  6. Always charge the battery at the rate recommended by the manufacturer.
  7. Do not keep your battery idle in a discharged condition as this may damage the plates and reduce battery life.
  8. If a charged battery is kept unused, store it in cool & dry place and recharge it atleast once a month.
  9. Keep naked flame (e.g. candle flame) away from the battery during charging as it may lead to explosion of battery.
If the above mentioned guidelines are practiced well,
it will definitely result in better battery performance & prolonged battery life.