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Are you fed up of power cuts? If yes,

Leader has designed a Compact Electronic Generator (Inverter) with state of art technology. Due to its compactness and latest design factor, it comes at a very attractive and affordable price tag. Considering the convience and comfort resulting from the inverter, the price seems to be very negligible.


Inverter operates on leader make low maintenance, high life Tubular batteries.When the mains power fails the inverter instantly draws power from batteries and supplies to utilities. When the power returns, the inverter stops drawing power from batteries and starts recharging and at the same time mains power is supplied to the utilities. All this process is fully automatic and requires no man power for operating like a Diesel Generator.

• High Reliability
• High Efficiency
• Easy Installation
• Battery Undercharging & Overcharge Protection
• Automatic operation
• Low operating cost
• Pollution free
• Noiseless operation
• Designed with Indian power scenario in mind
• Compact & affordable
• Durable & safe operation
• Battery Charging even at very low input voltages.